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Sunday Programming Schedule

5:00 am
Sunday Newspapers
Broadcast of the Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch
6:00 am
Sports This Week Highlights
Excerpts from Sports This Week
6:15 am
Radio Talking Book Schedule for the day
7:00 am
The Sunday Comics
Comics from the Twin Cities editions
7:30 am
Sunday Magazine
Featuring Parade Magazine
8:00 am
Articles to encourage prayer, meditation, and spiritual living
9:00 am
Once Upon a Time
Stories for kids from 5 to 105
10:00 am
Poetic Reflections
Selected poetry from yesterday and today, including materials from The American Poetry Review
10:30 am
Couch Potato Chronicles
Soap opera update and other articles of interest to video buffs from the New York Times and local papers
11:00 am
Encyclopedia of the Air
Exploring knowledge from Earth, Noetic Sciences Review and Scientific American Magazine
12:00 pm
Featuring New York Review of Books and reviews from the New York Times
1:00 pm
Art Fare
A smorgasbord of art from home and abroad
2:00 pm
The U.S. and Us
Exploring the diverse origins of the American people
3:00 pm
Your Personal World
Books which explore you and your relationships
4:00 pm
Jewish Edition ENP Rebroadcast of program originally aired at 5 am on Friday
5:00 pm
Jewish Edition ENP Rebroadcast of program originally aired at 5 am on Friday
6:00 pm
Access Talk/Doing it Differently Technology and solutions for the disabled
7:00 pm
It Makes A Difference Articles from AFB News, the Braille Monitor, Future Reflections, Mouth Mainstream, and Braille Forum
8:00 pm
Wanderings Sometimes it is a book of items from Current Books, Granta, Icarus or The Sun
9:00 pm
The Best in Short Stories Short pieces from The Atlantic, Hudson Review, North American Review and The Sun
10:00 pm
A Man’s View Articles from Esquire, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal
11:00 pm
Commentary Wall Street Journal
12:00 am
Detective Stories Short tales of murder, detection and perhaps a little mayhem
1:00 am
Perspective The best of Minnesota Public Radio’s midday programs
2:00 am
The U.S. and Us Rebroadcast of program originally aired at 2pm Sunday
3:00 am
4:00 am
News, weather, sports From the wire services of the Associated Press
4:15 am
Snippets From Early American Life, New Statesman, Pryor Report, Saturday Evening Post, and USA Today
4:35 am
For Addicts and Others A few minutes for those dealing with addictions

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